Boomboxes and Ghettoblasters of the 1980's and 1970's


Silver was the Brand Label for Pocket Radios from the Shin-Shirasuna Electric Corp. (Shirasuna Denki MFG. Co. Ltd.)

Shin-Shirasuna Electric Co. was a medium-sized Japanese electric company. Its predecessor, Shirasuna Electric, went bankrupt in the recession in 1957.

Between 1964 and 1968, Shin-Shirasuna established 5 satellite plants in depopulated rural areas of Japan.

Between 1978 and 1982, Shin-Shirasuna closed down most of its domestic plants because of the drastic appreciation of Japanese Yen and acute export competition.

By 1984, Taiwan had become the main production base of Shin-Shirasuna which had started its Operation in the Kaohsiung.

With the downturn of the electronic industry in the 80s, Shin-Shirasuna reduced its work force in Taiwan and opened a new plant in Malaysia.

Around the same time frame, Shin-Shirasuna acquired failing Harman- Kardon consumer electronics business

unit from Chicago-based corporate behemoth Beatrice Foods which it sold back to Harman-Kardon in 1985.

later absorbed by the giant Hitachi group of companies.

In 1994 the company was renamed to Technol Ace Corporation, which continued to be a primary manufacturer for Harman-Kardon audio equipment until it was absorbed by Hitachi Group Corp.

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