Boomboxes and Ghettoblasters of the 1980's and 1970's


Introduced in 1982

Original Price: $800


Frequency Response:
Normal: 30-14,000
CrO2: 30-17,000
FeCR: n/a
Metal: 30-18,000
S/N Ratio: 56db-60db
Wow & Flutter: 0.055
Power Output: 8W+8W+8W+8W RMS
Power Consumption: 60W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 752 x 379 x 166 (mm)
Weight: 12.2kg 26.5lb
S/N Ratio: 56db-60db


One of the most popular boomboxes of all times!

This superb design was heavily copied by other boombox manufacturers.

This model had one of the best reproduction and recording capabilities of that time.

Super Woofer: 16cm x 2 (6 1/4"x2), Woofer: 16cm x 2 (6 1/4"x2), Tweeter: Horn Type.

APLD (Auto Program Locate Device)