Boomboxes and Ghettoblasters of the 1980's and 1970's


Introduced in 1979

Original Price: Y64800


Frequency Response:
Normal: 35-12,500
CrO2: 35-13,000
FeCR: n/a
Metal: 35-16,000
S/N Ratio: 54db-65db
Wow & Flutter: 0.038
Head: Super Hard Perm Alloy
Power Output: 5W+5W
Power Consumption: 17W
Weight: 7.5kg
S/N Ratio: 54db-65db


Speakers 16cm and tweeters 5cm

Timer standby system

Dolby NR

Separate Bass, Treble controls

Sleep On/Off switch

MPS (Music Program System) for 15 songs

DSL (Dynamic Super Loudness System) with sliding control

Soft Touch mechanical logic control system

Wireless mixing capability

2-band radio with FM 76-108Mhz

1 digital VU meter with 6 LEDs